VoltDelta and Oracle have teamed up to offer customer-facing organisations a unique solution to the realities of customer contact today, seamlessly marrying the intelligent media distribution capabilities of the OASIS on-call contact centre from VoltDelta with the Oracle Service Cloud.

The result is a solution unsurpassed in its ability to meet customers wherever they choose to interact with your organisation and to do so with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  The combined solution delivers a powerful multi-media contact centre and customer experience platform, delivered from the cloud.

Multi-media contact management with OASIS on-call and Oracle Service Cloud
OASIS on-call contact centre for Oracle Service Cloud offer a well proven integrated approach to managing customer contact across a range of communication channels.

Allow customer service agents to handle calls, chat sessions and e-mails as well as monitor and respond to social media posts from a single interface.
Solutions for true “multichannel” customer care are not easy to come by. Many vendors offer solutions covering single media add-ons. Creating an architecture that covers all relevant contact channels involves the deep understanding and in-depth integration that VoltDelta is used to delivering. This ensures the efficient prioritisation of channel interactions and comprehensive reporting.

VoltDelta has seamlessly integrated the powerful media distribution capabilities of its OASIS on-call contact centre with the cutting edge customer experience solutions of Oracle Service Cloud to offer a truly seamless and truly unique multichannel customer care solution.

Deploy an integrated agent desktop
With the OASIS Media Bar for Oracle Service Cloud, a customer service agent can answer an e-mail, take part in a chat session, monitor and respond to social media posts or “simply” answer phone calls with the embedded OASIS soft-phone and all from a single desktop. Agents can carry out several of these tasks simultaneously if desired. The result is a service that today’s consumers can access via the device and medium they use most backed up with a flexible and customer-friendly service organisation that makes the most efficient use of its staff. 

Maintain a comprehensive view of customer contact history
Just as importantly, the seamless integration between the two solutions supports a seamless customer contact history. This is essential to allowing customer service agents to quickly and efficiently resolve customer queries, eliminating the need for costly follow-up calls and further improving the customer experience.

Create powerful knowledge bases in order to offer self-service
Many consumers nowadays have no problem finding the answers to their questions on their own. The combined solution from VoltDelta and Oracle allows organisations to create powerful knowledge bases that help both consumers and agents answer questions quickly and easily and ensure that answers are consistent. Self-service knowledge bases also reduce contact volumes in a contact centre for significant cost savings whilst allowing agents to spend less time on “standard” queries and more on high-touch customer service.

Offer a unified customer experience
As challenging as the task of offering excellent customer experience across multiple media may seem, customers expect nothing less of companies today. With the combined OASIS on-call contact centre from VoltDelta and Oracle Service Cloud customer experience platform, companies finally have the ability to cost effectively provide a consistently great customer experience across all media with seamless handling for customer service agents together with a 360 degree view of customer activities.

OASIS Call Handling

The handling ribbon at the top allows for full call control, while the dynamic content display area at bottom shows e-mail or chat content that is simultaneously being handled.

Chat during a call

Here's a web chat coming in while a customer service representative is handling a call

Call during a chat

And here's a call coming in while a service desk professional is chatting

Social Media

Customer service reps can also monitor and respond to social media posts with the integrated OASIS Contact Centre and Oracle Service Cloud platform.

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