Understanding your customers is vital both for retention and for the ability to up sell them on other products and services.  OASIS Survey provides a fully automated speech based surveying tool that supports both inbound and outbound surveys. Surveys can be quickly updated and changed to include new questions or target a new customer segment.

  • Understand in real time
    As each OASIS on-call Survey takes place, the statistics gathered are immediately available for review and then are continually updated. This provides an immediate view of the customer experience, without having to wait for results to be collated, which can be vital in tailoring call scripts to increase sales call success rates.

  • Measure customer advocacy
    Deploying our automated surveying tool allows any organisation to measure customer advocacy easily on an ongoing basis. The system will provide comprehensive metrics that an organisation can use as input into its own measuring analysis or the survey can report on, and feed into, industry measures such as Net Promoter Score™

  • Track marketing activity
    Measuring the effectiveness of a recent marketing campaign can easily be accomplished with OASIS on-call Survey. Tailoring the questions to directly measure if customers have understood and value the marketing message provides direct, and highly valuable feedback, to the marketing organisation.

  • Capture the voice of your customer
    OASIS on-call Survey provides the ability to record a customer’s comments at the end of the survey. These verbatim recordings then allow the actual voice of the customer to be heard and the various nuances to be understood and further analysed.

  • Quick, Software as a Service deployment
    Deployed from the “cloud” as a managed service by Volt Delta, OASIS Survey allows very rapid set up and usage by customers covering a wide variety of requirements.


“Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score, and NPS are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, Inc., and Fred Reichheld”)

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