VoltDelta’s considerable experience in the telecommunications industry allows us to offer a wide range of solutions for telcos and carriers together with integrated applications, the capability for close interworking with modern IMS and other next generation networks and billing integration. At the core is our OASIS product platform, which offers a flexible service-provisioning platform, including a modern multi-channel contact centre and a range of telco specific applications.

An OASIS implementation within a telco can be driven by old, end-of-life infrastructure, requirements to support both SIP and SS7 or other legacy signalling and the need to deploy value added services rapidly in response to a competitor.

The OASIS platform supports a wide range of requirements that telcos and carriers may face in the following key areas:

Modernise contact centre strategy
OASIS is a modern, multi-channel and multi-media contact centre platform that will ensure any telco can support an intelligent contact management strategy across a large estate of existing systems, contact centres and outsourcers, so leveraging existing investments. OASIS offers a virtual contact centre approach but with centralised management control, customer segmentation and call recording.

Offer a hosted cloud based contact centre product to the market
The OASIS contact centre platform has complete multi-tenant ability and this allows OASIS to be deployed within a telco’s network in order to offer a hosted – or “out of the cloud” – contact centre service to its end customers. Such a service both generates additional revenue and complements other telco offerings such as bandwidth provision, managed networks and professional services. OASIS is designed to offer comprehensive support for this reseller model with multiple tenants and an organised hierarchy of access rights, security and routing logic.

Support diverse services such as number translation, signalling gateway functionality and enhanced services
The OASIS platform with its flexible call routing, wide range of signalling support and its billing CDR capability lends itself well to providing a wide range of service features to a telco, especially where there is the need to integrate with existing infrastructure and applications. With its media server capability, OASIS can support a broad spectrum of features from fixed and mobile telephony, SMS, email and Web based services.

Modernise IVR platforms and offer more self-service solutions to its customer base
OASIS Voice is highly flexible, modern software-based IVR that offers a cost effective replacement strategy for older, end-of-life systems. With VXML support for standards based integration, it works seamlessly with the rest of the OASIS contact centre and also allows interaction with SMS, email and Web based systems. It supports basic call flows with DTMF or can be deployed with the latest speech recognition and text-to-speech resources. As well as offering customer-specific speech automation solutions, OASIS also provides a range of pre-built speech self-service solutions.

Replace end of life Toll & Assist / Operator Assistance platforms
The OASIS system provides comprehensive support for all of the typical Toll & Assist or Operator Assistance services that telco’s traditionally offer. These include station-to-station, person-to-person, scheduled calls, advice of duration and charge with integrated rating and with support for a range of CDR outputs for billing. The OASIS system comes complete with agent applications to support these diverse services as well the option of automating some of the more frequently used services.

Support text-relay services for the deaf and hard of hearing
Many countries offer specialised services for the deaf and hearing-impaired, allowing them to make and receive telephone calls. OASIS Relay provides a complete solution for the replacement of aging legacy systems, bringing these services up to date with modern platforms which take advantage of key technologies such as VoIP.

Provide emergency service call routing & call reception
OASIS offers a wide range of support for emergency calls used by the public on access numbers such as the EU’s 112, the US 911 and UK’s 999. In addition it can also support automated routing of non-emergency calls to selected regional or locally based call reception centres. OASIS offers the extremely high reliability and service availability demanded by Stage 1 and 2 Public Service Answering Points (PSAPs). OASIS supports the telco in the efficient handling of these calls, earning revenue for the telco or allowing it to meet its public service obligations. 

The OASIS contact centre is designed to support intelligent contact management with easy...