OASIS for emergency services provides a complete specialised contact centre for emergency call handling organisations offering services on the 112 access number (999 in UK). It includes a multi-channel ACD, call recording, dedicated agent workstation, emergency call routing applications and open interfaces to allow the effective integration into existing infrastructure and systems.

Suitable for both PSAP 1 and PSAP 2 operators, OASIS for emergency services is delivered on premise, to dual geographically separate data centres to meet the high resilience requirements for such services.

OASIS is a well proven platform for emergency services, having been supporting such services in Europe since the early 1990s and continues supporting live emergency services today.

Since OASIS is a highly modular product, it enables components to be delivered and integrated into an existing emergency call handling infrastructure where necessary. OASIS can also be implemented into a Greenfield site to cover the majority of an emergency services operator’s needs.

OASIS meets the key functional requirements for emergency call handling by providing: 

  • Highly efficient queue management.

  • High platform availability to ensure optimum uptime and with no single points of failure.

  • Resilience with multiple layers of redundancy ensuring systems can continue to function during major disaster scenarios.

  • Specialised call routing to ensure calls are not relinquished in error and with complete call control to manage the calls throughout their life.

  • Flexible integration framework to interconnect to supporting databases and systems.

  • Specific emergency database provision.

  • Integration to mobile location information services for mobile subscribers.
  • 100% call recording of all emergency calls for audit and quality control, together with agent desktop recording for a complete understanding of each recorded call.

  • Silent call management, whereby calls made in error can be managed and if necessary forwarded to an automated system.

  • Accessibility with support for text phones, for example, to ensure services are accessible for deaf people.

  • Integrated eCall solution, allowing the blending of eCall traffic into the emergency services operators’ workflow.

In addition, OASIS for emergency services also offers multi-channel routing enabling emergency services operators to plan for the inclusion of more media interactions other than just voice calls.

OASIS supports a range of media communication channels including email, SMS and web chat as well as relay and eCall channels. All of these are blended and routed using the same routing logic, rules and skills based routing to present the “call” to the most suitable emergency operator.

OASIS can also support pure data alerting as well as interaction with mobile Apps, giving emergency services providers more flexibility for the future as they plan their evolving service strategies.

The OASIS contact centre is designed to support intelligent contact management with easy...

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