With the EU having announced formal deployment targets for the support of eCall, the challenge is on for all public safety answering points (PSAPs) to plan on adopting eCall. PSAPs must formalise their plans by the deadline and in cooperation with other national stakeholders to ensure they can:

  • Receive and process the Minimum set of Data (MSD) efficiently.

  • Present the relevant eCall information, including location and vehicle direction to PSAP operators/agents.

  • Implement eCall in a cost efficient way and with minimal impact on other operational aspects of the PSAP.

  • Ensure that any initial solutions put in place now, are capable of future upgrades as eCall evolves.

VoltDelta’s OASIS eCall solution
VoltDelta’s OASIS eCall solution can greatly ease the adoption of eCall support for PSAPs, regardless of the structure of the emergency services in any given country, with the ability to receive process and store the MSD, as well as enable secure access to this data. Features of OASIS eCall include:

  • Integrated point of presence carrier interconnection with eCall routing.

  • Communications management with all eCall compliant In Vehicle Systems (IVSs).

  • Outbound routing capabilities to PSAPs supporting all eCall MSD control types.

  • Automated speech state control for eCalls.

  • XML transposition of the MSD.

  • Publication of eCall data to secure databases enabling rapid access to eCall data by the call handling PSAP and other emergency organisations.

  • Open APIs and CTI for further integration into any PSAP infrastructure together with eCall “pop-up” web pages for presentation of eCall information directly to the operator/agent.

Organisations can benefit from the OASIS eCall solution in a number of different ways:

  • Minimises the effort of supporting eCall with a ready to deploy standalone eCall solution to work alongside your existing infrastructure.

  • Open interfaces enable a range of integration capabilities which can be phased in over time.

  • Proven, tested and standards compliant solution.

  • Leverages VoltDelta’s skills and long heritage in emergency call handling expertise.




The OASIS contact centre is designed to support intelligent contact management with easy...

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