For financial institutions and their customers, payment fraud and identity theft are a source of constant worry. Contact centres are targets of phishing attempts, and Web-based service providers must protect millions of customer data sets from increasingly sophisticated break-ins. Even malicious hacking that isn’t financially motivated can cost a company its reputation.

Any organisation that allows customers or users to access systems, networks, data or information must take increasing precautions to prevent fraud in its myriad forms. At the same time, added security shouldn't be a nuisance to users or a drain on resources.

Volt Verification Services enable organisations to deploy secure, user-friendly and cost-effective dual or multi-factor identity verification in a wide variety of settings.

Volt Verification Services:  Secure, simple, cost-effective identity verification

Volt Verification Services use voice biometrics –  the measurement and modelling of the characteristics of the human voice – for authentication purposes. Voice Biometrics can be deployed for a wide range of uses and in various ways, from automated password reset to passive voice recognition during natural phone conversations.

Like other biometric markers such as fingerprints, irises or hand veins, no two voices are the same. Unlike other markers, however, voice biometrics require no special devices for registration or validation other than a telephone. Nor does voice biometrics require users to memorize passwords, PINs and security questions - as a unique identifier, your voice is always with you and can't be lost, forgotten or stolen. 

Any organisation that requires a secure, simple and cost-efficient authentication solution can benefit from Volt Verification Services (VVS) in a number of ways:

  • VVS provide a comfortable and convenient user authentication experience in many settings

  • VVS may be used as strong, dual-factor authentication or in combination with other security measures for multi-factor authentication.

  • VVS are a fully automated service that significantly reduces the time, effort and costs associated with authentication.

  • VVS work anywhere there is a phone and require no sophisticated technology, devices or infrastructure.

  • VVS do not require users to remember passwords, PINs or answers to obscure security questions; with VVS, your voice is your password.

  • VVS can be deployed quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively out of the cloud or, if required by corporate policy, on-site.

  • VVS offer open interfaces to existing in-house systems, including CRM systems.

  • VoltDelta has over 20 years of experience implementing speech and IVR solutions for global enterprises such as Deutsche Telekom, Swisscom, BT and AT&T, among others.

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