The OASIS Telecare platform offers a new market choice in telecare control centre platforms. A future proof solution for next generation systems and networks, it also supports the majority of legacy devices and alarm systems.

OASIS Telecare is already deployed into CarelineUK, one of the UK’s larger telecare providers, and offered by the UK agreed reseller Cirrus Communication Systems. The core OASIS technology also supports 999/112 emergency call handling services in the UK and Europe.

The OASIS Telecare platform covers all the key requirements needed in the UK market, including:

Managed Service Delivery

Allows delivery as a managed service simplifying platform implementation and site requirements. Calls are delivered direct to the platform and agents are connected with VoIP using secure links.

Pay Per Use Service

Customers pay for the managed service on a usage basis and this means funding expensive capital projects is not necessary, with the monthly service usage fees also including provision of comprehensive 24x7 support services.

Comprehensive Platform Functionality

OASIS Telecare is a complete solution approach for telecare providers offering a wide range of device protocol support, CRM database, call recording and call / control centre functionality.

Simplified Telephony

With OASIS Telecare the telephony is no longer on site at the control centre. This simplifies implementation and means that the only IT requirement onsite is the provisionof the supervisor and agent PC workstations.

Easy to Use Telecare Service

With OASIS Telecare the agent is able to set up a conference call direct to the scheme equipment which means that theresident doesn‘t have to then get to another phone, but isable to speak to the ambulance service or doctor directly through the device.

Supports TSA Requirements

OASIS Telecare offers support for the TSA codes of practice. With its integrated call recording capability it also offers immediate support for the latest TSA requirement that disaster recovery sites must have call recording capability. In  addition OASIS Telecare offers complete management reporting toTSA standards.

Future Proof

OASIS Telecare is a modern, IP-based platform and can therefore offer optional support for new IP based devices. With its SIP signalling capabilities it is also next generation telephone network compatible.

Flexibility for Other Services

OASIS Telecare can support other generic call centre services so offering further economies of scale as well as supporting services such as case and incident management and loneworker services.

Proven Platform

OASIS Telecare is already deployed at one the UK’s largest telecare providers and the same core system is used by112/999 services providers in the UK and Europe.

Telehealth Ready

As the need emerges, OASIS Telecare is designed to be capable of supporting the efficient roll out of telehealth services using the same common platform.

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