Today’s consumer expects the companies whose products and services they use to be available without long waiting times - and in many cases around the clock. For any contact centre that serves these customers, providing such 24x7 services can be difficult with traditional staffing patterns and business hours. More and more organisations are therefore realising the benefits of provisioning self-service speech applications using automated speech recognition as well as SMS-based services. Typical scenarios can therefore include:

  • Verifying and identifying callers to save agent time
    Verifying a caller’s identity and purpose for calling an organisation can save valuable agent time but it also ensures that the caller is routed to the correct group to best serve them and OASIS delivers this ability.

  • Freeing agents from routine enquiries
    Automating even a small percentage of calls can lead to big staff cost savings as well as freeing up your valuable agents to handle more complex and productive calls.

  • Applying automation intelligently with segmentation
    We advocate segmenting the customer base and varying the service experience provided, in order to meet the core needs for the organisation. This could be a focus on sales targets and ensuring that the best customer prospects for sales are handled by a live agent, with the others handled by the self service application.

  • Offering 24x7 access to services and information
    Staffing for 24x7 services with agents isn't always practical, but speech self-service can offer a middle ground between no service and some service. Speech based systems that provide customer status, account information and other frequently requested services can go a long way to satisfying customers and also reducing call load, especially during a typical start of week scenario.

  • Rapidly introducing services with pre-built speech applications
    Volt Delta offers a range of pre-built, speech and SMS based framework applications which can be rapidly customised to meet each customer’s specific requirements for call flow, dialogue design and integration with existing call centres and back-end customer information systems.



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