Many organisations have invested in Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM system to efficiently run their customer interactions across sales, marketing and service functions. The product continues to evolve and offer more and more functions and flexibility and allows organisations to quickly add new services and customer management approaches within its flexible architecture.

Typically many small to medium sized organisations, whilst reaping the benefits that Dynamics brings, have not had a cost effective and flexible contact management platform to handle the voice calls and other communications that customers generate. Volt Delta offers a solution to managing customer communications with a hosted cloud based contact centre platform, OASIS on-call. This contact centre system is closely integrated to the Dynamics system and offers a range of service integration possibilities to provide superior levels of customer care.

Since the Volt Delta contact centre service is actually built on and around Microsoft Dynamics further levels of close interworking between the various contact channels such as voice and email and the Dynamics CRM system will be introduced enabling customers to interact in new and intuitive ways.

The OASIS on-call contact centre is already integrated to Dynamics and will therefore fit around your existing CRM system to provide a rapid delivery of the benefits and an enhanced return on your investment in Microsoft Dynamics from a closely combined CRM and contact centre approach.

A cloud based service means there is little capital expenditure and you simply pay on a usage basis. With this approach you can rapidly add a professional contact centre platform to your operation in order to provide a better experience to your own customers.

Familiar CRM framework OASIS on-call’s integration to the Dynamic CRM system means that organisations can extend the value of their CRM systems as a call handling tool.
Auto-populated fields OASIS on-call automatically inserts the calling number, session start time, call duration and other statistics into CRM fields. This drives much more efficient agent operations, reducing caller aggravation by delivering caller details when transferring between agents and any automated services.
Integrated soft-phone As OASIS on-call’s soft-phone is integrated within the familiar CRM screens agents are able to work with call controls while inputting data within the same familiar environment of the Dynamics CRM package.
Click to connect When agents retrieve a customer record within Dynamics CRM a simple “click to connect” instantly dials the number with relevant call information automatically populated to the CRM system.

Volt Delta’s OASIS on-call offers a completely hosted contact centre environment integrated with MS Dynamics CRM to provide a better contact management experience with a 360 degree view of the customer. The hosted contact centre service includes a comprehensive set of features and, together with the Dynamics integration, will enable organisations to better meet their business and service objectives. This combined CRM and contact centre system allows organisations to address key business objectives such as:

  • Improve first contact resolution.
  • Reduce the cost of contact.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Improve Net Promoter Score.
  • Reduce customer effort.
  • Increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities and outcomes.
  • Ensure integrated contact channels are offered to customers.

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