Cloud Contact Centre

VoltDelta's OASIS on-call is a multi-channel contact centre delivered from the cloud and designed to promote and cultivate intelligent contact management across a wide range of industries and sectors. It provides easy service differentiation and flexible call routing and is capable of underpinning large-scale virtual contact centres across multiple centres and countries as well as supporting home-working strategies. OASIS on-call services are available globally, with primary hosting centres present across the US, UK and Germany.

Speech Self Service

For customers needing to segment and manage customer contact more efficiently, VoltDelta provides an integrated IVR and a range of speech applications to automate many routine calls, offering choice to customers and reducing call handling costs. As well as offering a range of standardised automation applications, VoltDelta can design and implement any customer specific call flow.

Customer Insight

OASIS on-call Survey provides a fully automated speech based surveying tool that supports both inbound and outbound surveys. Surveys can be quickly updated and changed to include new questions or target a new customer segment. OASIS Survey helps organisations understand in real time, measure customer advocacy, track marketing activity and capture the voice of their customers.

Oracle RightNow  CX

VoltDelta and Oracle have teamed up to seamlessly marry the intelligent media distribution capabilities of the OASIS on-call contact centre from VoltDelta with the Oracle RightNow CX customer experience platform. The result is a solution unsurpassed in its ability to meet customers wherever they choose to interact with your organisation and to do so with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  The combined solution delivers a powerful multi-media contact centre and customer experience platform, delivered from the cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The OASIS on-call contact centre system is closely integrated to the Microsoft Dynamics system and offers a range of service integration possibilities to provide superior levels of customer care. A familiar CRM framework, auto-populated fields, an integrated soft phone, click-to-connect capabilities and multi-media support are all available out of the cloud.




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Volt Delta's customer include many of the largest telephone companies in the world.

Volt Delta solutions are deployed around the globe in various service sectors and markets.