What personal data does Volt Delta International collect/store?
Normally you can browse our internet pages without having to submit any type of personal information. When ordering information materials, Volt Delta International customers are requested to supply their personal data such as name, company, telephone number and e-mail address.

What does Volt Delta International do with the collected data?
If you fill out online forms or download other data from our website, Volt Delta International or its agents might contact you via e-mail, telephone or mail. Volt Delta International sends sales-oriented e-mails about new products and product improvements at regular intervals to the e-mail addresses supplied during registration. Upon request you can instruct Volt Delta International to change, correct or completely remove your personal data from the database or revoke your consent to be contacted.

Who else receives the collected/stored data from Volt Delta International?
Volt Delta International does not transmit any personal data from interested individuals to external third parties.  We do, however, pass personal data along to our worldwide subsidiaries and associated companies in order to offer our customers and interested individuals high-quality, regionally appropriate service. This may require that personal data collected through online forms be transmitted beyond borders of countries.

Does Volt Delta International track Web visitors?
In order to improve our web site for visitors, we analyse site traffic with the Web analytics tool Piwik. Piwik uses first-party cookies to keep track of some information (number of visits, original referrer, and unique visitor ID). Since they are not sent to a third-party server, first-party cookies ensure higher user privacy and are therefore accepted in most browsers by default. To disable such cookies, please refer to your browser's settings.  Volt Delta uses Piwik to mask the IP addresses of visitors to our Web site, ensuring that we do not record Personally Identifiable Information about anyone.

Volt Delta International assumes no liability for the content or data privacy policies of other websites that link to our website.