For organisations involved in the burgeoning fields of telehealth, telecare and online pharmacy services, Volt Delta International offers a proven, robust suite of contact centre, automated speech and intelligent contact management solutions aimed at helping them deliver excellent quality care more conveniently and cost effectively.

OASIS Telehealth

OASIS contact centre is the underlying contact management and service delivery platform for a new and innovative telehealth service - Appello.  Appello is a unique nurse-led, home-based monitoring, advice and support service that integrates telecare and telehealth and provides high-volume tracking and monitoring.  The service is targeted at the monitoring of long term conditions including diabetes, asthma, heart disease, hypertension and COPD. Learn more about Appello.

OASIS Emergency

OASIS Emergency solutions  support organisations providing emergency call handling services on a  national basis. Volt Delta has supplied systems to support a number of  organisations offering 999/112 national emergency call-response  services.

OASIS Contact Centre

OASIS Contact Centre is a proven, highly scalable VoIP contact centre solution suitable for any health care service. It provides advanced routing and queuing of inbound voice, data and text to skills-based groups in contact centres of any size and can be expanded to deliver intelligent contact management within an organisation. OASIS Contact Centre blends multiple media in a single desktop interface for easy, intuitive use by contact centre professionals. 

OASIS Speech and Self Service

OASIS Speech and Self Service applications offer simple, intuitive usability to patients at all levels and may be used for a  wide variety of telehealth and telecare purposes, including authentification, pre-qualification, reminders, monitoring and data collection, prescription management and tracking, profile management and self-care. Care providers benefit by being able to extend service hours, reduce waiting times and relieve trained contact centre professionals of the burden of routine calls.

OASIS on-call

Volt Delta’s on-demand platform delivers hosted service from high tier redundant hosting sites in the UK and Germany, OASIS on-call, leaves healthcare organisations free to concentrate on their core business, eschew CAPEX and minimise risk and dedicate resources tied up in system maintenance to other more business-centric tasks.

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