For traditional and direct banks, FinTechs and other providers of financial services in the modern world

Financial service providers offering online and mobile banking acutely understand the need for strong, multifactor authentication that nonetheless doesn’t negatively impact usability and convenience.

Banks today “layer on” security, combining passwords and PINs with various codes and TANs. However, what lowers risk can also make services cumbersome to use.  Not only that, all of  these forms of authentication rely on “something you know” and thus remain susceptible to attack. Last year in Germany, for example, fraud resulting from mTAN theft rose by 20 percent.

There is a simpler, more secure and cost effective way to secure access to information, services and transactions: voice biometrics.

Voice Verification

With Volt Verification Services from VoltDelta, banks can authenticate their customers based on their voice.

The human voice is as unique a biometric marker as a fingerprint or iris scan but doesn’t require readers or scanners – just a telephone. Your voice can’t be lost, stolen or forgotten and enables quick, intuitive login or authentication for most standard online and mobile banking services, including:

  • Accessing online accounts
    A customer logging into an online account receives a call on his or her mobile phone and is asked to say “my voice is my password" or a similar passphrase, adding only about 10 seconds to the login but greatly enhancing security.
  • Conducting secure transactions
    Especially as customers flock to mobile banking, securing a transaction with their voice can provide simpler, more intuitive access than various letter/number codes when "banking on the fly".
  • Accessing call center services
    A customer contacting a call center and is authenticated not only by an account number, PIN, password or answers to various security questions, but simply by saying “My voice is my password.” 
  • Resetting passwords
    Voice biometrics can be used to authenticate both customers and employees who need to reset passwords – fully automatically, from anywhere and around the clock.

Volt Verification Services may be deployed both actively, i.e. using a specific passphrase such as “my voice is my password,” or passively, in which a caller’s voice is checked for authenticity in the background -  at the same time he or she is conversing with a customer representative.

Solutions from VoltDelta may be deployed both on-site or in a hosted setting, allowing organisations to roll out services quickly and with little CAPEX.

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