Volt Delta’s OASIS platform has been handling emergency calls in the UK for over 15 years and its high reliability and throughput ensure that it continues to meet this most demanding contact centre market. Whether your organisation is a Stage One or Stage Two Public Services Answering Point (PSAP), or if you have to deal with non-emergency calls, the OASIS platform can deliver consistent call handling for safe and reliable service delivery.

Volt Delta OASIS platform has been implemented for emergency services call answering services with four organisations, with a fifth planned. In addition OASIS has also been implemented to support a non-emergency service – one of the first of its kind in Europe.

  • Stage One PSAP operator
    For any Stage One PSAP operator, the OASIS Emergency platform provides a complete and total solution approach, covering the switching, contact centre, recording, emergency databases and workflows needed to receive, process and onward route calls.

  • Stage Two PSAP
    For any Stage Two PSAP providers, the OASIS solution provides the vast majority of the contact centre needs, including all of the core call handling, call recording and resilient high availability systems that are required as core needs. With the OASIS flexible OpenCTI, applications specific to each emergency authority can be easily and tightly integrated to ensure a highly optimised workflow.  For integration to radio communications, OASIS offers a range of approaches, from IP through to ISDN connectivity.

The OASIS system has been proven over many years with several organisations to be a highly reliable, stable and flexible platform for emergency call handling and one which continues to evolve to meet new demands and requirements.


The OASIS contact centre is designed to support intelligent contact management with easy...

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